Switchboard Upgrade

Upgrade your switchboard to protect your home or business.

Safety switch installation

The safety switch allows cutting and restoring power when needed and is required by law. When we install or upgrade your switchboard, we will ensure that your current safety switch is functioning properly, and replace it if necessary. Additionally, we replace outdated fuses which can save you the hassle of unnecessary electrical faults.

3-phase power upgrade

As technology improves and more power is being used in homes and businesses, the 3-phase power upgrade is becoming more common. Old or outdated switchboards tend to struggle with the contemporary need for power and often can’t keep up with the supply. Our team can upgrade your switchboard to 3-phase power to suit higher electrical supply.

Meter box upgrade

The meter box protects the main switchboard, circuit breakers and fuses which is also critical for your safety. When meter boxes are not maintained or upgraded appropriately, they can lead to avoidable electrical problems such as fires.

Switchboard upgrade for solar installations

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with solar energy, you may be required to upgrade your switchboard too. Our team can easily upgrade your switchboard for solar power so you can take advantage of reduced energy costs.

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